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What Is This White Film I’ve Found in My Mouth?

February 13, 2024

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Many people wake up morning after morning to discover an unsightly white, sticky film in their mouth. It has an unpleasant taste and is otherwise gross all around, meaning that nobody is pleased when this happens. If this happens to you, you’re probably wondering why it does and what you can do to avoid it. Here’s a brief guide to why these white films form along with a few tips for preventing them.

What Is That White Film in My Mouth?

This white film that you keep finding in your mouth is called oral thrush, and it’s an infection caused by a naturally occurring yeast in your body called candida fungus. The human mouth is a dark, damp, and warm environment that creates ideal conditions for microbial growth, so the fungus can spread quickly if the immune system is disrupted and the infection is not treated quickly. While this fungus is usually kept in check by bacteria, some factors can lead to its uncontrolled growth, including:

  • Improper oral hygiene
  • Dry mouth
  • Hormonal changes
  • Stress
  • Health conditions like cancer, HIV, and diabetes.

How Can Oral Thrush Be Stopped?

The good news is that oral thrush can normally be stopped with the right lifestyle changes. The best place to start is by brushing and flossing your teeth thoroughly and consistently. This will eliminate lingering food debris from your mouth, depriving the fungus of the food it needs to grow. It’s also crucial to see your dentist regularly for checkups and cleanings. This way, your oral health can be monitored and tended to by a trained professional that can correct problems in their early stages and advise you on better oral hygiene practices.

If you are dealing with health conditions like cancer, HIV, or diabetes, sticking to your treatment plan is an excellent way to prevent oral thrush. However, oral thrush can also happen if the microbial balance in your mouth is disrupted, so take care not to use antibacterial mouthwash more than twice a day.

Don’t let oral thrush stay a regular part of your morning routine. By taking excellent care of your oral health, you can prevent unpleasant infections so your smile can be comfortable and beautiful for life.

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