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Greenfield Laser Dentist Making Precise, Beautiful Smiles

Modern, Non-Invasive Care with Laser Dentistry

At Advanced Dental Treatment Center, our team uses laser dentistry to make care more precise, more comfortable, and less invasive.

One of the most common uses for laser technology is in treating periodontal disease. Laser therapy for periodontal disease cleans and cauterizes at the same time, so the experience is more comfortable. What’s more, no stitches are required, and the recovery period is shorter than with a more invasive procedure.

Other uses for dental lasers include:

Cavity Detection

Using a dental laser to detect cavities allows us to diagnose decay as it is first developing. By catching decay in its earliest stages of development, our team can provide more proactive and minimally invasive treatment.

Cavity Treatment

In addition to detecting cavities, we can also use a dental laser to remove decay. This treatment method lets us provide care without the need for anesthesia or a drill. The laser works by vaporizing the decayed tooth structure, restoring oral health and wellbeing quickly and simply.

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