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4 Qualities That Make a Good Candidate for Dental Implants

November 14, 2019

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person smiling

If you’ve recently been suffering from tooth loss or have never been able to decide what tooth replacement option is the best for you, then you could benefit from getting dental implants in Greenfield. This modern solution offers countless advantages over traditional restorative procedures such as dentures, fixed bridges, and dental crowns. If you’re wondering whether or not you’re a good candidate, here are four qualities that dentists look for in a patient who would like to get dental implants.


How Can You Prevent Your Child From Getting Cavities?

November 2, 2019

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parent brushing their teeth with their child

Cavities are one of the most common oral health problem among children. While this issue is preventable, according to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, 42 percent of children between the ages of two and 11 develop at least one cavity in their temporary teeth. As a parent, this can cause you to be concerned and worried about whether or not they understand the importance of taking care of their developing smile. Luckily, your family dentist in Greenfield offers multiple preventive dental treatments for children to ward off the lingering threat of cavity formation. Read on to learn more about fluoride treatments and dental sealants, and how they can minimize your little one’s risk of oral health problems.


Do You Need a Bone Graft Before You Can Get New Teeth?

October 21, 2019

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You’ve been thinking about getting dental implants to replace your missing teeth for a while now. You schedule a consultation with your dentist to ask about the procedure, and after an examination, they say that before the implants can be placed, you’ll need to receive a bone graft first. Why is this a necessary step? Learn about the preparations that might be required before receiving dental implants in Greenfield.


How Is Gum Health Linked to Brain Function?

September 20, 2019

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man holding his head

Although they’re spatially near each other, you wouldn’t think your gums could affect your brain. After all, they’re not even part of the same body system. However, as it turns out, they are related. By not having healthy gums, you could be jeopardizing the health of your brain and increasing your risk of developing problems like dementia. A family dentist in Greenfield is here to elaborate on the connection.


Wondering What You Should Eat After Dental Implant Surgery?

August 7, 2019

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Image of an implant in the bottom jaw

If you’ve recently gotten dental implants in Greenfield (or will be soon), you’re well on your way to having a beautiful, fully restored smile. But after your implant surgery, you may be wondering what you can eat and what you should avoid to help your recovery process go smoothly. Keep reading for some great ideas about what to eat after your procedure and get some long-term maintenance tips to keep your implants in great shape for life.


How to Clean Around Your Dental Implant in Greenfield

July 16, 2019

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diagram of dental implant

You’ve decided to finally replace that gap in your smile with a dental implant. It will look and feel exactly like a natural tooth, so no one will even be able to tell you had work done unless you tell them. However, just because it looks like a natural tooth doesn’t mean you should treat it the same as the rest of your smile. A dental implant in Greenfield requires special care. Keep reading to learn how to clean around your implant.


4 Tips for Successful Dental Implants in Greenfield

June 28, 2019

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Dental Implant

Dental implants in Greenfield can be a great way to fill gaps in your smile; not only do they look natural, but they also help keep your jaw healthy in a way that traditional dentures simply don’t. However, like your natural teeth, dental implants shouldn’t be taken for granted; you’ll need to continue practicing good oral hygiene to avoid gum infections that can ultimately lead to implant failure. Here are 4 tips for keeping your new teeth.


What Makes Dental Implants in Greenfield the Ideal Replacement?

April 8, 2019

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Illustration of a dental implant

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who are missing at least one tooth, you may be considering various replacement options. Replacing your missing teeth will not only restore your confidence to smile, but it will prevent further oral health issues from occurring. Of the replacement solutions, dental implants in Greenfield have become one of the most popular. Keep reading to learn why dental implants in Greenfield are the ideal tooth replacement and whether or not you’re a candidate.


Helping to Ease Your Dental Anxiety: 3 Forms of Sedation Dentistry in Greenfield

March 10, 2019

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person being sedated

When you sit in the dentist’s chair, you may start to become panicked at the sterile smell and whirring of foreign tools. Even though you know there’s nothing to worry about, you can’t help it. You need to get this dental treatment, but what could get you through the visit without being terrified? Luckily, sedation dentistry in Greenfield has got your back. Sedation dentistry allows you to have a relaxed and comfortable visit while getting the oral maintenance that you need.


How Does Teeth Whitening in Greenfield Work?

February 6, 2019

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couple with bright smiles

Teeth whitening in Greenfield can make your smile noticeably brighter in as little as 30 minutes. You can choose from in-office or at-home treatments. Whichever option you select, you’ll enjoy visible results in a minimum amount of time. There’s no better way to make a great impression in personal, professional, or social surroundings.

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