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Your Dentist in Greenfield Explains Why We Love X-Rays!

November 14, 2017

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dental visit checkup During your last appointment with your dentist in Greenfield, you were probably subject to many great dental services like through exams, professional cleanings, maybe even an oral cancer screening. Another critical part of routine dental appointments are dental x-rays—and they’re not just for cavity detection!

Learn more about everything simple dental x-rays can do for you in this week’s blog post.

What does a dental x-ray do for you?

Not everyone knows how dental x-rays work or why they are necessary Your dentist is here to help you better understand your oral health and the tools we use to maintain it.

To put this in the simplest terms, a dental x-ray image is formed when special light travels through your skin and bounces off targets in your mouth. The calcium in your bones acts as those targets, which forms the dental x-ray images that your dentist is able to share chairside with you. Not only will this allow an opportunity for better communication between you and your dentist, but they help identify dental issues early on for better recovery.

What does your dentist look for when examining a dental x-ray?

As mentioned above, dental x-rays aren’t just good for cavities. Your dentist can see a multitude of issues, maybe even before you start feeling symptoms. Dental x-rays help your dentist identify these issues:

  • Disease and decay around teeth and surrounding tissues.
  • Development of teeth—especially for kids.
  • Tumors or cysts.
  • Cavities or other oral health concerns
  • Wisdom tooth development.
  • Decay residing underneath existing dental work.
  • Infection or bone loss.

When do patients need dental x-rays?

The general rule of thumb for dental care is to receive preventive services every 6 months. In some cases, you could require more frequent appointments depending on your current health and dental history. But typically, you should receive a dental x-ray every 6 months when your dentist examines and cleans your teeth.

If your oral health is in good standing because you keep your appointments and take excellent care of your teeth, you may not need dental x-rays as often. Some patients may only really need dental x-rays every few years, but you should leave that determination up to your dental expert.

If your upcoming dental appointment is your very first appointment, your dentist will perform a dental x-ray to better understand the state of your current oral health. The results will allow us to discuss areas for opportunity to improve your smile.

Still wondering how dental x-rays can help you? Ask your dentist for more details during your next visit!

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