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Invisalign For Gaps – Greenfield, WI

Close Gaps In Your Smile Without Traditional Braces

Someone who’s being treated with Invisalign in Greenfield holding a clear tray

One common alignment issue that people want to correct is spaces or gaps between their teeth. At one time, the only solution was metal brackets and wires, but now there’s an outstanding alternative: Invisalign in Greenfield. By wearing a series of clear aligner trays, Invisalign allows you to correct spaces and gaps comfortably and discreetly. If you’re interested in a consultation to see if Invisalign is right for you, contact us today. We’ve helped countless patients achieve a gap-free smile, and we’d love to help you too! 

Why Are There Gaps Between Your Teeth?

Woman in a black shirt with a gap between her front teeth

Here are some of the most common reasons for gaps or spaces between the teeth:

  • Habits in childhood – Thumbsucking or pacifier use past age 4 often leads to alignment issues like gaps.
  • A large jaw –In some cases, gaps are the result of a larger jaw that’s simply created too much space for the teeth to fill.
  • Missing teeth – Missing teeth can occur from genetics, accidents, severe cavities, etc.
  • Tongue thrusting – This can happen when the tongue doesn’t “rest” correctly in the mouth. As it puts pressure on the upper teeth (especially when swallowing), gaps can form over time.

Are You a Candidate For Invisalign?

Digital image of a smile with a gap between the front teeth

Invisalign is a fantastic choice for most people, although we may recommend an alternative for severe spaces or gaps to make sure you get the results you’re after.  

For mild to moderate-sized gaps, Invisalign will give you the same great results you would get from metal braces. To make sure you’re a good candidate, the first step is a consultation with our experienced team so we can evaluate your needs and create a customized treatment plan.  

How Does Invisalign Work To Correct Gaps?

Close-up of a man with a beautiful smile in front of a gray background

Invisalign involves wearing a series of clear aligner trays (each pair is worn for around 2 weeks before moving to the next set). Over time, your aligners gradually move your teeth closer together to eliminate gaps and give you a beautifully aligned smile. To get your results on time, you must wear your trays at least 20-22 hours per day. Most people are done with treatment in 12 to 18 months, but it could be more or less depending on your needs.

What Are the Benefits of Invisalign?

As a cosmetic dentist in Greenfield, we love providing a clear, discreet way to close gaps in your smile. But you can expect all of the following benefits as well:

  • Convenience – Invisalign gives you the freedom to remove your trays for special events like job interviews or weddings.
  • Better oral hygiene – Since you remove your trays before brushing and flossing, it’s much easier to keep your teeth and gums clean than it would be in traditional braces.
  • Comfort – Your aligner trays are smooth and comfortable, so they won’t irritate your lips or cheeks like metal braces can.
  • No dietary restrictions – Without the worry of damaging metal brackets, you won’t have to give up hard or crunchy foods